Vino & Vulvas presents

Diving Deep into Muffing:
A Community Offering

Sunday, August 6th 
3-5 pm
in Asheville, NC
(exact location available to registrants)

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To catch Lucie Fielding on stage with Heather Edwards for the Vino & Vulvas event at the Grey Eagle on August 7th, click HERE

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* Please note that in addition to instruction on the anatomy/physiology of muffing, muffing technique, and how to warm up the body to experience muffing the workshop will include a live muffing demo that will involve nudity. Participants will be able to observe but will not engage in actual touch.

What to Expect:

Muffing is a sexual activity that involves penetrating the inguinal canals of folks with external gonads (basically, fingerbanging someone with external gonads from the front). The term “muffing” was coined by Mira Bellwether in her foundational zine Fucking Trans Women (2010) and since then articles and zines have described this activity. But this is the first community workshop of its kind—an intensive, hands-on exploration of muffing.

For folks with external gonads and for those who have sex with folks with external gonads, muffing can be a way of queering up sex, circumventing tremendously limiting culturally proscribed/prescribed understandings of the erotic, and opening a potential universe of pleasure!

Transfeminine bodies will be centered in this workshop but it is open to folks of all genders, sexualities, and experience levels. Come and play!
Meet the instructor

Lucie Fielding,
PhD, MA, LMHC (she/they)

Lucie Fielding is a queer, kinky, polyamorous, trans misogyny-affected (TMA) femme, and a therapist practicing in Virginia and Washington (on Monacan and unceded Duwamish land, respectively). In addition to being a therapist, Lucie is a sex educator and the author of Trans Sex: Clinical Approaches to Trans Sexualities and Erotic Embodiments (2021), which was named a 2022 Lambda Literary Award finalist (in the Transgender-Nonfiction category) and the winner of the 2022 AASECT Book Award (Book for Sexuality Professionals). You can find out more about Lucie at or follow them on Instagram (@sexbeyondbinaries).
Patrick Jones - Course author
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Catch Lucie Fielding at Vino & Vulvas: 

August 7th at 7pm at The Grey Eagle (Asheville, NC)

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