IS this normal?? Will i damage myself if I do this too much?

The Kink Surveys

Kink activities, while becoming more mainstream, have very limited research on the short-term and long-term effects they might have. Shouldn't we know this stuff?
I certainly think so. 

You can take them all! 

The Orgasmic Experience Survey
This survey is about YOUR experience of orgasm. It's for all genders, orientations, and genital variations. 
The Anal Survey
Anal play of all kinds comes with various risks. Help us figure out what those risk factors actually are so that we can do better with medical recommendations and you can make decisions based on informed-consent for your long-term enjoyment of your genitals. 
The Kink Surveys
What else do you want us to ask about? We're crowd-sourcing the topics that are the most interest to folks! 
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