Alex Papale, PT, DPT, Sex Educator (they/them)

Alex Papale PT, DPT (they/them) is a pelvic health physical therapist and sex educator based in Boston, MA. They treat patients at Flourish Physical Therapy, as well as develop and teach trainings and continuing education courses on sexual and pelvic health, BDSM, and LGBTQ+ healthcare. Alex began their professional career as an inclusivity consultant for a major medical institution in Boston, while co-creating and teaching one of the first national con-ed courses on pelvic health PT for the trans and gender non-conforming population. Since then, they’ve lead over 20 workshops and trainings to audiences ranging from a handful of people to national conferences on sex toys, kink, pelvic health, and gender, and they continue to expand their specialized training as a sex educator. Their pandemic hobbies include hanging out with Honey their 4ft snake, reading about kink and queer history and being an overbearing plant parent.
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Latest Course! 

This course will address your questions about fisting and large diameter penetration with a sense of humor and inclusive, nonjudgemental space. Enjoy! 

Anal Sexual Health Basics

Alex Papale and Heather Edwards talk about the need-to-know basics of anal sex.

Sexual Health Toys Part 1

Alex Papale and Heather Edwards talk about the materials, lubrication, and safety of sex toy selection.

Sexual Health Toys Part 2

Alex Papale and Heather Edwards talk about the types, clinical applications, and cases studies for counseling clients about sex toy selection.

Bubbles & Bubbly: The Right Toy to Ride Out the Pandemic

This fun panel discussion about sex toys is hosted by Heather Edwards. Alex joins Natasha Nightly and Tonya Yanok in this lively discussion (with lots of props).

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