Need some one-on-one attention? 

Here are the ways you can work with Heather: 
  • Professional consulting for medical and mental health professionals looking to understand sexuality nuances to better support their clients. AASECT Sex Counseling Supervision available soon! 
  • Parental support for your LGBT kiddo. Need someone to talk to to help you learn more about how to support your kiddo through coming out and/or transitioning?
  • Adult sex ed and sex coaching... we've gotta learn somewhere, right?
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Professional Consultation

Professional consulting for medical and mental health professionals looking to understand sexuality nuances to better support their clients
  • Need help problem solving for sexual issues with your clients?
  • Need help understanding kink, BDSM, and power and how it applies to how you're counseling your clients?
  • Need help understanding LBGT issues and concerns to better support your clients?
  • AASECT Supervision offered! 
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Adult Sexuality Coaching and Education

We all got pretty lousy sex ed and and now we're trying to figure out our bodies and relationships with the hodge-podge learning we've picked up along the way. I can help! 
  • I can help you figure out solutions to barriers such as physical restrictions, libido issues, and arousal issues
  • I can help you figure out how to ask for what you want
  • I can help you learn how to receive and understand your partner's needs
  • I can help you figure out how to have the hard conversations (with yourself or with a partner(s))
  • I can help you start exploring with kink and power dynamics
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Support for Parents of LGBT kids and Sex Positive Parenting

Do you have an LGBT kiddo and you need help understanding what's going on?
  • I can help you learn the terms
  • You can ask me all of your questions and voice your frustration with understanding and all of your knee-jerk reactions so you don't have to have those thing be part of your interaction with your kid.
  • We can talk about the social nuance and perspective of LGBT issues. 
  • I can help you field questions about sexuality and help you initiate discussions with your kids!
  • I'll help you find resources to help you in your journey.  

Limited spots Available!
Email me to see if we're a good match!


Rates vary per service and what is needed. Please contact Heather to discuss your needs to get a rate. 


Please contact Heather for virtual or live openings in her schedule. 

Supplemental Material

When applicable, PDFs and recorded conversations I have done will be included in the cost of your sessions. 

Frequently asked questions

Are you an AASECT certified supervisor for professionals? 

I have been an AASECT certified sex counselor since June 2019 and will be beginning supervision for being a supervisor (which functionally means I'll be able to supervise you for AASECT credit). 

What sort of training do you have to do this work?

I have been a physical therapist utilizing a biopsychosocial approach since 2003. Though the coaching services do not having any physical therapy as part of them, the learning I did about helping folks identify and overcome barriers and change their perspective to help them move forward heavily informs my work. I am also trained as a sex educator and counselor through the University of Michigan School of Social Work Sexual Health Certificate program (2017) and AASECT certified as a counselor in 2019. This is not a mental health degree and the services I'm providing though coaching and counseling (independent of physical therapy) do not fall under my licensure. 

Will my insurance cover this?

No. Though I am a physical therapist, I'm not offering physical therapy services in this format. However, I'll happily help you find the right match for mental health or medical services that might be covered by your insurance as part of the the plan we put together. 

Do you have experience parenting? 

Yep. I've got two kiddos who I'm raising in a very sex-positive sort of way. I've also been trained as a sex educator and teach LGBT 101 and transgender pelvic health to medical professionals. I'm happy to field your questions and dive into some nuanced discussion. If professional mental health or medical resources are needed, I'm happy to help you find providers. 

Do you offer a sliding scale? 

If we're a good fit for services, we can talk about how my services can meet your needs and your budget. 
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