Clinical BlindspotsTM

A deep dive into the nooks and crannies that we miss in traditional pelvic health education.

Each mini-course features a guest expert with whom Heather discusses the subject at hand. They focus on its direct application to clinical practice, including examples and vignettes. This is a must-watch series for those seeking to do better with the psychosocial aspects of inclusive clinical care. 

Clinical BlindspotsTM 


Challenging the way we think and helping fill in the gaps around sexuality counseling, this series brings together amazing experts to create top-notch, fascinating topics that you won't see anywhere else.  

What people are saying about Heather's professional education:

This course was fantastic! Aside from learning so much, I really appreciated the instructors' willingness to be vulnerable and open, to share reflections on their own blind spots and opportunities for growth, and their acknowledgement of how we are all still learning alongside each other. The concepts, including the spectrum of kink and BDSM through to heteronormative sexual wellness, the gender unicorn, and the potential impacts of trauma were all presented in a way that demonstrated beautiful integration and interplay between these concepts, shining light onto connections and applications that aren't always apparent. This course felt like a safe, nonjudgemental, and supportive space to learn and grow into practitioners who are better equipped at providing inclusive care to all people we wish to help. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to improve their comfort and confidence in becoming more trans and non-binary inclusive, trauma-informed, and kink and BDSM aware. Basically, if you work in a pelvic-centric field, take this course!
This course is a must for all healthcare providers, as it presents a holistic view of patient populations that need better informed care from their providers. I came out of this course with the tools and knowledge to feel more confident and competent to work with these patient populations. 
So grateful to both Heather and Tuesday for all their incredible hard work in putting together this course, along with their vulnerability and honesty. This was an incredible experience, and honestly spacing it out in the form of webinars made the material easier to digest and reflect upon. Thank you!!
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