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Are you ready for some of the most fun sex ed ever?

Sexual health topics can be complex. Please read the description of the event and check out the panelists to understand more of what will be covered. It's hard to convey it all in a short title. :) 

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2019-2020: 10 events recorded LIVE
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Expert level inclusive sex education for everyone??

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Read what participants have to say 

I just wanted to say thanks for all that you are doing to improve sex education in our community. It’s so important. I am really loving the V&V events - so accessible, affordable, and fun! I can’t believe you’ve been doing this for four years and I just now started attending?! I’ll continue to spread the good word! 
You put together such an incredibly uplifting and informative event, and after 4 glasses of vino, all I could do was repeat myself enthusiastically, but I truly meant what I said - you are improving lives.
I love these shows so much! I've been coming for years and even the ones that I think I might not be really into always surprise me and totally pull me in! Always a fantastic time! Thank you!

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