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Sex Education for EVERYONE that is pleasure-positive, honest, in-depth, entertaining, and challenges clinical professionals to raise the bar. 

Meet Heather Edwards:

Heather Edwards is happiest when she's talking about challenging and taboo things and drawing them in ways that make people question their relationship with the subject matter (which is usually nonbinary artistic representations of vulvas, penises, and various crotches). Fortunately for her, this knack for nonbinary art creates unique ways to teach folks about sexuality, kink, and LGBTQIA+ inclusive care. From professional medical education, to nonbinary sex education in a bar with drag queens on stage, to hilarious (and informative) crotch coloring books, Heather has developed something for anyone who is a pleasure enthusiast. 

Heather offers one-on-one appointments for professional consultation (general or for a specific case) as well as individual  sex education coaching.

If you'd like to work with her, please contact her by email: vinoandvulvas@gmail.com

Heather Edwards Creations offers
unique inclusive online content.

Vino & Vulvas®

Vino & Vulvas is a live, public sex education event series in Asheville, NC. It features amazing topics that range from "How to Rock a Threesome" to "Sex Positive Families" to "Beer & Buttholes." Live recordings of past events are archived and are available for purchase. 

Bubbles & BubblyTM

Bubbles & Bubbly is an online sex education  series. It arose from the need to continue the magic of Vino & Vulvas events in a remote format. These events are livestreamed from the experts' bathtubs and are available to watch as recordings as well. 

Clinical BlindspotsTM

Clinical Blindspots are mini-courses for clinicians.  The pelvic health-related topics (pelvic floor therapy, GYN, urology, sex therapy, midwifes) share the theme of being important concepts that are rarely addressed in traditional professional education.

Artwork, Illustrations, and Books

Illustration Packages
Looking for fun, accurate, educational tools for genital anatomy that are not “MALE” or “FEMALE”?

Heather created a library of diagrams of multiple varieties of genital anatomy. Some have no labels, others have traditional labels or nonbinary labels. They are presented in multiple flesh tones, black & white, and a rainbow of colors.

Custom Artwork
Do you need a crotch or pelvic anatomy coloring page for a conference, event, or gift, or as part of a bonus online download? Heather can create a unique illustration for your clients that can be printed or sent to them as a download. 

For more information email Heather at info@heatheredwardscreations.com


Heather's clients, audience, and course participants say:

This was not only an informative course regarding the therapeutic aspects of surgeries and recovery that many transgendered and nonbinary persons experience, but also much of the emotional, psychological, and social issues that they will bring into the clinic with them. Heather and Tuesday were a wealth of information and created a judgement free zone in which to practice very necessary skills to not only "do our best", but actually create a safe environment for all patients who enter our clinic doors.
This course is a must for all healthcare providers, as it presents a holistic view of patient populations that need better informed care from their providers. I came out of this course with the tools and knowledge to feel more confident and competent to work with these patient populations. 
To share your experiences for the greater good:

Kink Surveys

These surveys gather information related to specific kink/BDSM activities so medical providers can have a better idea of how to advise people who want to participate in those activities. Who wouldn't want to be as informed as possible when deciding what to do with their genitals? 
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