Vino & Vulvas extra content:

Your Erotic Self

The 2022 Vino & Vulvas series and bonus content is now available as a self-paced program to help you sort out some of the barriers you might be experiencing in your relationships or sex life. It addresses sexuality from three angles:

  • We unpack the ideas we hold that are not actually true
  • Then we go through a more resilient approach to relationships and sex. 
  • Then we launch into the world with ideas of how to find what we really want and the skills to ask for it in a way that respects everyone involved. 

Become better

Myth Busting

All of the jacked-up sex ed that many of us grew up with that is just WRONG. We’ll dive into how to let go of “stuck patterns” around relationships, sex, body image, and more.
Get all three 2022 Vino & Vulvas Events along with Bonus Content!

A New Kind of Sexy

We'll explore new ways of understanding sexual power, engaged consent, relationships, communication, and how to set the stage for your sexiest adventures yet. You’ll walk away excited for what’s next for you.

Curious, Kinky Exploration

Here we'll lay out ways that even the most vanilla among us can start to expand their sexual repertoires and start to find the things that they’re truly hungry for. There will be something for everyone. 
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