My Sex Ed Manifesto

Heather Edwards, PT, CSC

From drawing cartoon crotches to professional education to hosting community sex-ed-in-a-bar-or-bathtub, the "creations" part of Heather Edwards Creations really covers a great deal.

However, it all comes back to an underlying set of principles that I hold dear to my heart. If you participate in any of my work, know that this is the place from which I operate. 

My Sex Ed Manifesto:

 Every form of white supremacy must be eradicated (which should be the first statement of every damn person writing any sort of personal mission statement).

 Educate people about how variety in sexual activities builds resiliency in sexuality and relationships as our bodies inevitably change. 

 Educate people about how understanding power and using it consciously to access eroticism can be an absolute game changer, no matter what kind of intimate experiences you choose to have. It also adds resiliency to relationships and sexuality. 

 Healing professionals (medical and mental health) need to understand kink and power dynamics for the reasons mentioned above, as well as to create a safe space for people to talk about “taboos” without being pathologized. 

 Educate people about how to free themselves from binary thinking regarding gender, genitals, orientation, and nearly anything. Grey is okay and is often a source for profound creativity and self-discovery. You don’t have to check a damn box. I work toward this change on a deeply personal level as well as on a global level so that the personal level can be freed from cultural danger and strife. 

 Finding the deep source of what brings us pleasure can inspire great change and creativity. 

 The erotic (some might say the divine erotic) is absolutely an integral part of the human experience regardless of your feelings about the physical acts of sex. 

 Pleasure can come in many forms and for some, may not involve sex AT ALL.  I’m completely supportive of that. 

 All people have the right to consent and bodily autonomy.

 Abortion is vitally important health care.

Stay tuned, y’all. I have a lot to say and I’m absolutely here to support you in your journey (unless it's a journey bent on telling others what they should and shouldn’t do with their own bodies… I’m not here for that). 

Warm regards and solidarity,
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