You want your face on genitals, right?
I mean... YOUR face... on GENITALS!!!!

This is the most fun and hilariously versatile (you get 10 versions of your VulvamojiTM!) graphic design package you purchase for your pelvic health or sex education brand! 

These can be used for unique flares on social media, your website, your education materials, handouts... wherever you want to have a fun bit of branding that might make your audience smile. 

*Starting off I'll be doing vulvas for this design but I'm working on other variations of genital characters as well. 
Instructions for your order (what is needed from the artist) will be available after you've purchased the illustration package by clicking "Continue" above). If you have questions for the artist prior to ordering, please contact 

How do I order my very own VulvamojiTM?

Step 1: Purchase (button above).

Step 2: Fill out the form for your request with the image and any additional suggestions for the basis of your artwork as well as what colors you want used (can be your branded colors).

Step 3:
Submit the form and wait for the confirmation with any follow up questions from Heather (the artist)

Step 4:
Use 10 different expressions of your adorable little crotch character of yourself in social media, your website, presentations... all sorts of place to open up the conversation about sex education and pelvic health. 
For more details on the process, read below. 

You will receive a google drive folder with 10 versions of your character.

The process: 

  • Send in a photo, color requests, and any other specifics you'd like included. 
  • After confirmation and after you've answered any follow up questions from the artist, you'll wait 1-4 weeks for your artwork. 
  • You will have 1 change to suggest some minor changes to your image. If you wish to have Heather start over from a new image, you'll need to buy a new package. 
  • Heather will provide you with your image in 5 different poses/expressions in PNG files with transparent backgrounds. You will receive 2 versions of each pose - one version with a circular background color and one version without the background color. 
  • If an any time in the next 2 years you change your branded colors or have small changes to make to your character, those requests can be made for fee (depending on the size of the request) but you won't have to repurchase the package for an update. 

Why VulvamojisTM?

This little vulva character has been with me for a few years and it just seemed like a fun thing... you know... to have a vulva-version of myself pointing to the words on my slides for a powerpoint. And then it seemed like lots of people agreed. 

So, now you can also spread the love by having your own vulvamoji as part of your own professional package!

Are there other options for cool crotch are that doesn't have a face on it?


Check out my libraries of labeled and unlabeled crotch diagrams to use for sex education and pelvic health!
About the artist

Heather Edwards, PT, CSC (they/them)

Heather started with the crotch art out of necessity. She always loved to draw and grew up with a mom that was an artist. When she didn't have the right images, she created them. 

Working in trans health, there is a whole lotta room to create images because all medical images are completely binary. So Heather set off to create lots of different varieties for people to be able to use and enjoy and see themselves better. 

She has illustration packages available as well as crotch coloring books! This new line of Vulvamojis is a fun way that she can create joy for the people out there on the front lines of sex education. 
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