Finding VaJoyJoy (paperback)

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Finding VaJoyJoy Extras

An illustrated story about a nonbinary vulva's self-discovery by Heather Edwards. 

This book is available as a paperback on amazon (see above). 

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Recorded reading of Finding VaJoyJoy

Behind the scenes video with author, Heather Edwards

Other fun video content, coloring pages, and whatnot that Heather wants to add

Crotch Drawing Lesson (with a discussion of genital variation)

What people are saying about Finding VaJoyJoy

Playful and informative! This book is perfect for educators, parents, and everyone connected to a vagina in any way! 
~Tikva Wolf,  relationship educator and author of kimchi cuddles
I feel educated about my own body in ways I never have before. This inclusive, clear, approachable, and fun look at crotch anatomy freed from gender norms (and all that happens down there) should be required reading for anyone with a body that has a crotch. 
I’m especially thankful for the ways the little nonbinary vulva in the book, named VaJoyJoy, can help all of us break out of the patterns of patriarchy that keep reinforcing old gender norms. 
As the mom of a trans kid, this is so welcomed. And so needed. 
~Patti Digh, author of “Life is a Verb” and other books 
Finding VaJoyJoy is such an important and powerful book. It highlights the fact that there are many variations in genital anatomy and ways for a vulva owner to explore and understand their own unique anatomy. The book is beautifully illustrated and a JOY to read. I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who has a vulva or who wants to learn more about them. 
- Tracy Sher, Founder/CEO, Pelvic Guru LLC/Pelvic Global 
What a delightful, helpful, inclusive read! I highly recommend this book for anyone with a vulva. As a sex therapist, I am grateful to have this resource to pass along to my patients to reinforce positive messages and information about their bodies. 
- Jamie Brazell, LMFT, CST

What's included?

  • Heather reads VaJoyJoy to you!
  • Coloring pages, videos, fun stuff Heather wants to add for you
  • "The Making of VaJoyJoy" video
  • BONUS: Crotch Art lesson
  • BONUS: Discussion of genital variation

Who is this for? 

This book is for adults and teens (15+). 

It can also be a great resource for younger kids with the supervision of a trusted adult (it covers some big concepts about patriarchy, shame, and some discussion of pleasure and sexuality). 

Can I get bulk access to this work? 

Whether it's for a bulk order for the paperback or expanded use of the PDF, email me and we can figure out a plan.

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Meet the author

Heather Edwards

eather Edwards (she/they) worked with crotches medically for a long time before realizing how much fun they were to draw. 
Their venture into crotch art started with a series of coloring books: Coloring Books for the Crotch Enthusiast. 
As a sex educator, they are the founder, producer, and host of Vino & Vulvas, an adult sex-ed-in-a-bar event in Asheville, NC, that started in 2015. They also offer private coaching and professional consultation.
As a mom of two tween/teens, Heather keeps up with all the latest poop jokes and enjoys explaining to the kids what their sex jokes actually mean. Nine out of ten times it makes them less funny. 
They live in western North Carolina with their amazing wife, who is also their editor (somehow the two of them are still together), and who mostly benefits from Heather's crotch art obsession.
Patrick Jones - Course author

A note from the author:

"Much of my work creates space that is sex-positive and queer-centric. I continually work to unlearn heteronormativity, ableism, fatphobia, cis-sexism, misogyny, and white supremacy. I hold gender creativity as a core understanding of how humans exist. I do not believe anyone should be required to fit into the sadly slim selection of societal boxes. I struggle with the "what am I ACTUALLY doing in the world to make it a better place?" question. VaJoyJoy's story is part of the answer."

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