Genital Variation:
The myth of binary

This is a fun 50 minute class that is appropriate for the general public as well as medical providers. You will learn about genital variation that is inclusive of transgender and intersex variation and learn how to draw genitals to represent the many varieties that exist! 

Looking for More??

Finding VaJoyJoy (paperback)

The print copy of this book is available on amazon to add to your bookshelf.

Non Binary Art! Coloring Books for the Crotch Enthusiast
by Heather Edwards

Coloring books created by a pelvic physical therapist and AASECT certified sex counselor to show off the amazing diversity of anatomy and suggest some fun flourishes in how we think of our bodies. 

Important Parts

The first of the series gives a drawing lesson and nonbinary terms for genital anatomy while providing fun and fantastical drawing to color. 

The Inside Story

The second of the series goes into the internal anatomy of the pelvis and while still keeping playful themes and having additions to the anatomy like penile implants, transgender bottom surgery variations, and strap-ons. 


The third book of the series encourages allowing your mind to play with different themes, ideas, and energies for how you relation to your genitals and sexuality. Have fun with it. 

Heather Edwards, PT, CSC

As a pelvic physical therapist, I felt like there was something missing when it came to sexuality and LGBTQIA+ inclusion in the medical field. As a queer nonbinary person decided to do something about it. Not only did I want better images and representation, I wanted fun and engaging art and conversation. No one should have crappy medical experiences because of their gender or genitals. It's time to do better.

As the daughter of an artist, I was taught that if I need something to exist, I should make it. 
Patrick Jones - Course author
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