Nonbinary Art Package: Anterior Genital View Varieties

All original artwork by Heather Edwards for use in your educational and marketing endeavors.

Upon purchasing these illustrations, you'll be instructed to created a password and then when you come to this package from your dashboard you'll click "continue" on the button below to get access to the illustrations. 
The fun Part:
  • 23 varieties available in a variety of skin tones

  • YOU can make requests for additions!

What's included?

  • 23 varieties of genitals, anterior (frontal) view
  • No labels currently
  • Variety of skin tones available
  • As a purchaser of this collection, you can make requests for additional varieties that will be added for everyone to enjoy


Purchasing this package gives you permission to use these images in handouts, on your website, in webinars and courses you teach. In the guidelines there is a caption that should be used to credit my work. :)

For published works, company, or university use:

Please contact Heather Edwards ( for inqueries about using these images in published works. Thank you! 
Are you a non-profit specializing in LGBTQIA+ issues on a tight budget? Email me if you need financial assist on this package!

Heather Edwards, pelvic PT,  AASECT certified Sex Counselor, Sex Educator

As a pelvic physical therapist, I felt like there was something missing when it came to sexuality and LGBTQIA+ inclusion in the medical field. As a queer nonbinary person decided to do something about it. Not only did I want better images and representation, I wanted fun and engaging art and conversation. No one should have crappy medical experiences because of their gender or genitals. It's time to do better.

As the daughter of an artist, I was taught that if I need something to exist, I should make it. 
Patrick Jones - Course author
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