Vino & Vulvas presents

Vino & Vulvas 2023

2023 tickets to the Vino & Vulvas events at the Grey Eagle are on sale now! Click here for tickets! 

Online streaming access to all three events are included in this package!

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Heather Edwards

Heather has worked as a pelvic PT since 2003 and then trained as a sex counselor and education at the University of Michigan 2017-2018. She earned her AASECT certification in 2019. 

Heather created Vino & Vulvas in 2015 as a local sex-ed-in-a-bar event and it has grown over the years into a much larger event at a local (to Asheville, NC) concert venue, The Grey Eagle. 

To set up coaching or consulting sessions with Heather, email them at [email protected] 
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