Vino & Vulvas®:
Let’s Talk About Masculinity

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“Toxic Masculinity” is such a buzzword and it seems like it’s not aways understood. Is all masculine expression now toxic? Is there a version of masculinity that is “non-toxic”? Are we all doomed to existential shame and darkness??? Okay… well that might be going a little far. 
This talk is about “how we got here” with the toxic masculinity stuff. We really take a look at the effect of our current patriarchal structures on cis men. We discuss what definitions of masculinity do to the LGBT population. We talk about ways to get through it all in a “Know Better, Do Better” sort of way. We also talk about the effects this societal masculinity stuff has on kids and how we can create environments for our kiddos to be free of some of the bullshit. 
We’ve got a strong panel of FOUR this time for lots of angles on this topic. You’ll be glad you came! 

Heather Edwards

Vino & Vulvas founder and host, Sex Counselor & Educator, Pelvic PT

Bernie Newton

LPC, Sex Therapist

Adrian Parra

Executive Director for Youth OUTright

Papillon DeBoer

Mental Health Professional, Survivor Advocacy

Paul Feldman

Mental Health Professional
The mission of Vino & Vulvas® is to invite community between cross-disciplinary sexual health providers and the public, and to create conversation that encompasses the depth of inclusive human sexuality.

What's included?

  • One hour panel discussion
  • 45 minute anonymous Q&A with live audience

Who is this for?

Vino & Vulvas is always open to all genders, ages (18+), orientations, and races. We strive to be as legitimately inclusive as possible. Know that when you come to V&V, we’re trying hard to avoid heteronormative, cis-normative, white supremacist, sex-negative, patriarchal bullshit. 

About Vino & Vulvas®

We provide an open space for talking about challenging topics that are often taboo. We meet in a public venue to get out of the shadows and create an open community where all of us (women, men, genderqueer, trans, gay, straight, bisexual, experienced, newbies, kinky, vanilla, young, mature, all races etc.) can laugh and learn more about our sexual selves. We can start to bridge the gap between sexual healing practices, medical sexual health, and sex therapy. It's sure to be an exciting journey. Get comfy and and enjoy some edgy, inclusive, and informative conversation.
Meet the Host!

Heather Edwards, PT, Sex Counselor & Educator, Founder of Vino & Vulvas® (she/they)

Heather Edwards, PT, MPT has been a pelvic physical therapist for 17 years and is an AASECT certified Sexuality Counselor as well as a Sex Educator. They achieved their dual certificate at the University of Michigan Sexual Health Certificate Program. They founded Vino & Vulvas in 2015 and it quickly became their favorite thing to do. They have presented at APTA and AASECT conferences and teaches for Pelvic Guru Academy on the topic of Trans-Inclusive Sexual & Pelvic Health. In addition to education and clinical work, Heather is an artist and illustrator of the coloring book series "Coloring Books for the Crotch Enthusiast". To connect with Heather, email H
Patrick Jones - Course author

Panelist Bios

Bernard J. Newton, Jr. MS, LPC (he/him)

Bernie is the owner of Newton Psychotherapy & Consulting, where he is a licensed professional counselor in private practice and a business consultant to other psychotherapists. Having received a degree in Neuroscience from William & Mary and a Masters in Marital and Family Therapy from Fuller Theological Seminary, he enjoys postmodern conversations around the intersections of neurophysiology, mental health, family systems, and a broad view of spirituality. Throw sexuality in that mix, and he is having a blast! 
Bernie has been a lay sex educator for his peers since middle school and continues that tradition of education and support in his practice. As a gay man who grew up in a conservative southern household, his personal journey has helped him develop a strong passion for supporting folks as they discover a sense of freedom, depth, and wholeness in their sexuality. In order to foster this work, he is currently fulfilling the educational requirements for certification as a sex therapist and sexuality educator through the Sexual Health Certificate Program at the University of Michigan. 
When not in the office, Bernie can be found on and offstage at his local community theatre and enjoying life in downtown Winston-Salem, NC, with his husband, Chris. You can learn more about his services and contact him at 

Papillon DeBoer, LPCA (he/she/they)

Papillon is a local counselor for the Agency of Change, his private practice. He also provides contract counseling through Our voice for survivors of sexual trauma. Before acquiring his Master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Lenoir Rhyne Asheville in June 2015, he worked for five years as a case manager at Trinity Place, a local crisis shelter for runaway, homeless and foster care youth ages 7-17. He is a musician, drummer, artist, writer, poet, father, husband, and friend. 

Adrian Parra, Executive Director for Youth OUTright (he/she/they)

Adrian Parra serves as the Executive Director for Youth OUTright WNC Inc, out of Asheville NC. With Youth OUTright he works to support LGBTQIA+ youth through Direct Service, Community Building & Advocacy. Recently named as an ENC Rural Youth Empowerment Fellow Adrian is working to enrich Youth OUTright’s programming and empower youth leaders with the skills to organize & educate their communities as well as advocate for themselves and their peers. They are 29 years old, non-binary, Latinx, and uses he, she, and they pronouns fluidly.
Adrian’s current priorities in their work with YO include increasing the role of youth leadership in Youth OUTright’s organizational decisions, developing YO’s anti-racist and intersectional lens, deepening community relationships, and strengthening financial sustainability practices. Outside of Youth OUTright, you might find Adrian on a forest trail, swimming hole, or on a rare occasion, the dance floor. / / Follow YO on Instagram and Facebook!

Paul Feldman, MA, LPC (he/him)

Paul Feldman is a psychotherapist in private practice in Asheville and Burnsville, NC. He loves to collaborate with others who are drawn to seek healing, and who want to live more fully and wisely in their hearts, bodies, and minds.
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