Your Erotic Self Workbook

A workbook for erotica enthusiasts to create the sex life of their fantasies

You’re already filling your head with hot content and chances are you know what sort of things you like to read (and don’t like to read), but have you considered that maybe you can use your reading habits to rock your sex life (in real life)? 

Selectively, of course, because we know that all of the things that get us excited in erotica are not things we want to create in real life... and that’s totally fine. 

But some of it?? Yeah, maybe. 

Let’s take that erotica content swimming in your head and put it to work! 

Does it feel scary to try? Would you like some help? That’s where I come in. 

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Meet the Author

Heather Edwards

I’ve spent 20 years talking to people about sex in a wide varieties of capacities. In 2021 I branched out into erotica and started seeing the incredible opportunity to start writing a world that models the kind of world that has the sexual realities that I wish were more prevalent in the real world.

I had a reader suggest to me that some of my scenes just had too much in them to be believable. The fantastic realization I had with this is that these scenes weren’t made up and they certainly weren’t just trying to include everything I could think of for the purpose of demonstration. Those scenes are how I play and how kinky friends of mine play. 

So instead of considering watering down my erotica from my actual sexual experience, I thought that maybe I could help y’all use all of this smut you’re reading to start figuring out more about yourselves and begin to craft the sex life of your dreams (or books).
Patrick Jones - Course author
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