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Myth Busting

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Your Erotic Self: Myth Busting

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Most of us grew up with pretty miserable sex education. Sure, we learned from friends, movies, magazines, online searches, and if we were lucky, some trusted adults. However, many of us just kind of had to figure it out as we went along… but the lack of guidance was ROUGH. And now, we find ourselves stuck in some of the same patterns in our relationships, marriages, dating, and sex. We know that some of these patterns just aren’t working for us but how can we do it differently? It’s hard to know when we’re surrounded by people stuck in the same patterns.

Want to break through some of that stuff?

Body Image

We'll talk about and do some work on it. 

Sexual Function and Genitals

All the things you never learned about your body in sex ed and science class.

Types of Orgasm

How often to vaginal orgasms happen? What's the role of the clitoris? Does a penis have to be erect to have an orgasm?


If it doesn't stay hot and heavy like it might have been in the beginning, is that a bad thing?

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Meet the coach

Heather Edwards

Heather has worked as a pelvic PT since 2003 and then trained as a sex counselor and education at the University of Michigan 2017-2018. She earned her AASECT certification in 2019. 

Heather created Vino & Vulvas in 2015 as a local sex-ed-in-a-bar event and it has grown over the years into a much larger event at a local (to Asheville, NC) concert venue, The Grey Eagle. 
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