Vino & Vulvas presents

Vino & Vulvas 2022 

  • Myth Busting
  • A New Kind of Sexy
  • Curious, Kinky Exploration

BONUS Your Erotic Self (Y.E.S.) content! 

BONUS Erotica Reading of excerpts of Heather's debut novel, June Full Moon. 

Tickets to the Vino & Vulvas event at the Grey Eagle can be found HERE

All three events are included in this package along with Bonus Content from Heather's "Your Erotic Self" material! 

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With this purchase, you'll be able to watch all three of the Vino & Vulvas 2022 events as recorded live on stage with AMAZING guest panelists:
  • Aleece Fosnight, PA-C, CSC-S, CSE-S
  • Elizabeth McCorvey, LCSW
  • Natasha Noir Nightly, Drag Queen Sex Educator
  • Dr. Uchenna "UC" Ossai, PT, CSC
  • Jamie Brazell, LMFT, CST
  • Tikva Wolf, Author, Comic, Relationship Educator
  • Tuesday Feral, LMHCA
  • Candace "Coach Felyne" Liger, BDSM Educator, Erotic Performance Artist
  • Alex Papale, PT, Sex Educator

Host Heather Edwards also delivers some exciting bonuses in addition to these shows! 

Available Now!
The moon and I have a thing... 
Vivian keeps secrets. She has narrow windows to let her true nature out and she wants to make the most of them... until she comes across a very unusual human. Now she and her wife are trying to solve a multi-level puzzle about magical beings, their relationship, and possibly the fate of the world. 
This story is dripping in fun, hot sex scenes that will not leave you tired of the "same ol' scene". Queerness, kink, power dynamics, consent, nonmonogamy, and erotic intelligence are all tied into this story. 

Heather Edwards

Heather has worked as a pelvic PT since 2003 and then trained as a sex counselor and education at the University of Michigan 2017-2018. She earned her AASECT certification in 2019. 

Heather created Vino & Vulvas in 2015 as a local sex-ed-in-a-bar event and it has grown over the years into a much larger event at a local (to Asheville, NC) concert venue, The Grey Eagle. 

To set up coaching or consulting sessions with Heather, email them at 
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