The sexual-energy boosting Pelvic FLoor series you've been waiting for:

Power & Pelvic Pleasure

A collaboration between Coach Felyne and Heather Edwards
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Learn how power and consent can unlock some incredible sexual energy for your pelvic floor. 
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The conception of this series

It all started when a fitness dominatrix and a pelvic floor physical therapist realized there was a world of possibilities between the two of them.

Heather found Candace in a very intentional search for "BDSM Personal Trainer" after she could no longer take the "sports are everything!!" paradigm of CrossFit. She realized that the ONLY thing that could make this worth the time would be if a dominatrix was taking her through the exercises. Feeling as if this MUST exist, she found a Fetish Fitness workshop in Greensboro, NC (and she was only a couple hours away in Asheville, NC) hosted by... Coach Felyne.

Immediately they began collaborating on their overlaps in passion which included:
  • Enthusiastic Consent 
  • Fitness & Body Positivity
  • Pleasure Positivity
  • Kink/BDSM
  • Going TOWARD things that are uncomfortable
  • Doing crazy shit on a stage

Naturally, the two of them were on a path to get into some fantastic antics together. 

After having a ton of fun on stage together on a couple of Vino & Vulvas panels, and a Fetish Fitness workshop hosted in Asheville, Power & Pelvic Pleasure is the next step in their collaboration. 

They hope you'll love it and have as much fun watching the content as they did creating it for you. 

Power & Consent

Coach Felyne will bring some incredible work and perspective from her Consent Conscious project to deliver clarity to the fierce freedom that understanding power dynamics can unleash. 

The Hottest Anatomy Tutorial You Can Find

Heather will talk you through the anatomy of your pelvic floor (all genders and all genitals) and how you can learn how to connect your mind to the sexual function of your genitals to get what you want out of your sex life while also building resilience in all of the everyday functions that are kind of important as well (you know, not leaking pee and things like that).  

Optimizing Sexy Time

Once we have created some understanding around power dynamics and anatomy, we'll start showing you how you can play with these things together... and even how you can use this new found source of erotic energy to fuel your workouts which can then feed right back into your status as a sexual god(dess). 

You know you want it...

Learn how power and consent can unlock some incredible sexual energy for your pelvic floor in this incredible series of classes with Coach Felyne and Heather Edwards. 
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The Power and Pelvic Pleasure Classes

Meet the instructor

Candace Liger "Coach Felyne" (she/they)

Candace "Coach Felyne" Liger (she/they) is a NASM fitness and movement coach, national performance artist, BDSM/Kink Coach, and award-winning activist.
She is the creator of JahRation Nation Dance Fitness, a Dancehall and Afrobeats inclusive fitness program that encourages us to take up all the space with our whole bawdy. Her signature 90 Day Fortify Fitness Program focuses on building strength, connectivity, and power to our forever evolving bodies.
As an erotic educator, she has been featured at Sex on Stage (FL), Sex Down South (ATL), Black Love Convergence (NC), Vino & Vulvas (NC) and has hosted numerous workshops across the nation centering radical consent and using kink as a healing, exploratory practice. To blend her fitness education with her unique experiences as a BDSM/KINK Coach, she created Felyne Fetish Fitness - a workout experience designed for the motivated and kinky.
When she is not mothering her two galactical giants (which is always), she is also the founder of Project Blackbird, a digital advocacy organization that inspires and advocates for the collective pleasure, wellness, and liberation of black communities. Their latest campaign #ConsentConscious uses art, education, and digital media strategy to uplift comprehensive, sex work informed, consent education to support our overall health, pleasure, and safety.
She graduated from the National Organization of Victims' Advocates in 2020 and uses her extensive work as a grassroots advocate to create trauma-informed approaches to wellness and pleasure.
Candace featured and recognized For Harriet, YWCA, National Organization of Women, ACLU, TV One, and many others.
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Meet the instructor

Heather Edwards, PT, CSC (she/they)

Heather has a dual certificate from the University of Michigan School of Social Work in Sexuality Counseling and Sexuality Education. She is certified through the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors, and Educators (AASECT) as a sex counselor. They are a licensed physical therapist specializing in pelvic and sexual health with 17 years of clinical expertise. 

Heather is the founder of Vino & Vulvas, an edgy, inclusive, informative sex-education-in-a-bar even in Asheville, NC which has been happening since 2015 (and is enjoying it's pandemic-inspired makeover into Bubble & Bubbly currently). Creating unique sexual health events is certainly a thing that lights her up. 

They are also an artist and educator who uses their drawings and design to teach others about creative ways to consider their genitals and to have nonbinary perspectives for anatomy. 

They also teach medical providers about transgender pelvic health, trauma informed care, and kink-aware ways of counseling clients as a part of foundational psychosocial ways of interacting with patients/clients. 

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