“Game On”

A Gay Erotica Short Story

By Heather Edwards in collaboration with Lance Frank

Audio by Andre Lazarus

Andre is an intimacy, sex, and relationship coach, surrogate partner, and sex educator. Find him at www.coming-closer.com

Interested in exploring Your Erotic Self?

If you'd like a guide of journal prompts to enhance your erotica reading experience, I've got one of those available for you as well! 

About the author Heather Edwards, PT, CSC-S, CSE

Heather is a pelvic physical therapist, sex counselor, and sex educator who enjoys writing real-life challenges into her erotica so that more people can see themselves as the sexual hero of a steamy story. 

About the collaborator, Lance Frank, DPT

Lance works with patients from all walks of life, in every phase of life. Whether it’s pelvic pain or an orthopedic injury, Flex PT is there.


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