Vino & Vulvas presents

Your Erotic Self (Y.E.S.)

A New Kind of Sexy

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Your Erotic Self (Y.E.S.): A New Kind of Sexy

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In Part 1 we did some Myth Busting to call out some of the bullshit we've been subconsciously allowing to run our lives. 

Now we're going to introduce a more robust and resilient way to think about sex, eroticism, and relationships to give you steps to move away from the challenging patterns.

I want you to be able to authentically claim your pleasure and desires and feel like you know how to talk about them after this class. 

Power Dynamics

Acknowledge the inherent power dynamics we exist in and learn about how to play with the ones we have control over to get what we desire. 

Redefining SEX

Let's create a more robust idea of all that "sex" entails that focuses on things that are far sexier than "penetration is the only thing that counts"

Relationships & Communication

Intro to relationship structure options, unpacking your emotional baggage, and how to communicate about things that are hard

Consent and the Right to Pleasure

Understanding power and intentional engagement for sex as well as why YOUR pleasure matters.

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Meet the coach

Heather Edwards

Heather has worked as a pelvic PT since 2003 and then trained as a sex counselor and education at the University of Michigan 2017-2018. She earned her AASECT certification in 2019. 

Heather created Vino & Vulvas in 2015 as a local sex-ed-in-a-bar event and it has grown over the years into a much larger event at a local (to Asheville, NC) concert venue, The Grey Eagle. 
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