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Heather Edwards
As an educator, clinician, illustrator, and author, I tend to always choose the topics that are less mainstream, which means that I use a lot of terms and concepts that many might not be familiar with. This resource is where I'll be keeping much of my foundational educational concepts. 

Please check out what I've put together for you here! I hope it accelerates your learning about genitals, pelvic health, sexuality, LGBT, kink, and social justice. 

I'm thrilled that you're interested. Thanks for showing up. 

Pelvic Health & Nonbinary Crotch Art

I have content for medical and mental health professionals as well as sexual health enthusiasts, so it's entirely possible that there are some pelvic health terms that are used in my content that you might be learning for the first time or feel like you need to brush up on. 
HERE are some images and discussions to help show you were everything is and the conceptual context on why I use the words I do! These images come from my collection of illustrations. 

If you're interested in illustrations you can use for presentations, websites, social media, or your very own custom designed Vulvamoji, check this out. 

Kink and Pleasure

Click HERE for a glossary of terms about kink, BDSM, consent, and pleasure. 

I have several courses available as part of my Clinical Blindspots series that I teach with Alex Papale on several kink topics. These courses are appropriate for clinicians but are also great for the general public who is might want a more clinical discussion of kink and safety. You can find them here: 
For those interested in power dynamics and how to play with them with scenes (and maybe even fitness!), check out this amazing course I co-created with Candace Liger! 
I have two courses available for additional education about Sexuality Counseling that includes power dynamics and kink available through Pelvic Global Academy (Pelvic Guru, LLC).


Click HERE for a glossary of terms about gender and orientation.

If you want a course about inclusivity in a clinical setting, you can find that through Pelvic Global Academy (Pelvic Guru, LLC) as well.

Transgender, Nonbinary, & Intersex Matters

Here is a talk about genital variation that I did with T Hunter about genital terms that include 
Click HERE for the Trans, Nonbinary & Intersex Pelvic PT Discussion FB Group (for professionals only). This group has amazing clinicians in it who are wealth of knowledge to help address medical concerns for the Trans, Nonbinary, and Intersex members of our community. I am the moderator of this group. 

The United Nations for LGBT Equality has this Intersex Fact Sheet

I have two courses available for additional education about LGBTQIA needs available through Pelvic Global Academy (Pelvic Guru, LLC).

Social Justice

Click HERE for a glossary of terms about patriarchy, racism, and systemic oppression.

Theses themes are tied into many of my courses as well. 

Relationship Structures

Click HERE for a glossary of terms about boundaries, monogamy, and consensual nonmonogamy.

For a fantastic (and short!) course to talk about relationship structures with clients check out this Clinical Blindspots I recorded with Ruby Bouie Johnson:
  • Clinical Blindspots: Polyamory and Consensual Nonmonogamy
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